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When you advertise on Cowboy Country 95.5, your favorite Country radio station, we deliver an awesome digital stereo sound and the best high quality Country music to a vast listening audience.  Cowboy Country radio broadcast Wyoming men and women sports.  Cowboy Country radio focus on local businesses to deliver an informative product to great listener's at heart.  Also, Cowboy Country radio plays gospel and inspirational music and programs every Sunday beginning from 6:00 am to 12:00 noon.  Our signal is broadcast all over the world over via the Internet, thus, attracting more listener's to your business.  We are on social media such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites.  The major key is communicating and being connected to the world by providing and sharing public information from the public and us sharing the information to the world over our airwaves.  We stream our product on computer's, cell phones, ipads, ipods, and other devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Why?  That's what we do!!!


Cowboy Country radio has teamed up with the Dr. Michael Augustus Cultural and Musical Arts Foundation, Inc. to accept donations to provide college scholarships to students graduating from high school.  The Foundation, when applicable, construct or renovate donated homes or land and build homes for low income families, veterans and those in need of assistance. The goal is to provide affordable housing.  The Foundation will make the announcement on Cowboy Country radio and this site.  When donations are collected, students will be awareded scholarships which is based on financial donations collected.  The goal is to educated Laramie County residents to a better, quality life through academics.  Your donations will help needy students achieve academic latitude and obtain an excellent liberal college education.  The Foundation is a non-profit 501c3, which means every dollar donated is tax deductible.  The Foundation is also seeking donations such as cars, houses, boats,  or anything of value.  In exchange, you will be given a tax deducation to claim on your taxes.  Please note: Depending on the amount of cash donations raised for the Foundation, will dictate the amount awarded to students.


Contact our sales office  (307} 217-6900.  Let us show you how Cowboy Country 95.5 can grow your business and inquire about the Foundation to help educate and provide others in need of assistance.  "Helping us will Help Others"!

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Magic 95.5 is a powerful radio station that connects with local communities and the world through social media and the internet. Our purpose is to educate, entertain, inform and most important, inspire. Our music format is Blues, Jazz, Zydeco, Oldies & Gospel. We connect with you. That's our purpose. "We're More Than Music, What Radio Should Be".

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